ors D’Oeuvers
Shrimp Boat - Hand carved cucumber with lightly blackened shrimp in a Thai chili sauce

Crabmeat portobello mushrooms - Portobello mushroom layered with a savory
crabmeat stuffing, four cheeses, fresh herbs and baked on the grill

Potato goat cheese tart - Shallot potatoes with goat cheese baked to perfection in a flaky shell

Rosemary salad - Fresh mango slices marinated in a rosemary and honey vinaigrette served over baby greens with toasted almonds and sharp white cheddar

Caesar salad - fresh romaine lettuce with a perfect dressing of garlic, anchovy, lemon and Parmesan cheese

(with grilled vegetables and rice pilaf)
Fresh Catch of the Day- Grilled, served with:  Alfredina sauce - white wine cream sauce with Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes or Island sauce - a sweet and spicy blend of passionfruit, white wine, red & yellow bell peppers or Red bell pepper coconut curry sauce

New York Strip - steak grilled to your personal perfection

Pork Tenderloin - grilled with Jamaican jerk marinade

Decadent strawberries - served with Key Lime white chocolate whipped cream

Crème Brulee - Silky egg custard hidden by crunchy caramelized sugar

Chocolate mousse - a delicate semi-sweet chocolate mousse
Key West Gourmet Dinner Cruise
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